What sets me apart from other writers

What sets me apart from other writers

Throughout my educational career, I’ve always treasured writing and have been creating written materials for both my students as well as for other educators.

As a prolific reader, I began writing early in my teaching career (eighties and nineties) when it became apparent that much of the textbook material was, well, dull. It was not interesting, it did not sparkle, nor did it give my students any indication of the thinking and disciplinary work behind the information. Often a recitation of information and factoids, the texts did not have the interesting and deeper information that I, as reader and teacher, knew would benefit my students.  I began replacing the text with my own written and illustrated materials.

For my students to gain a profound understanding of the content, it was important to develop deep and engaging lessons and written materials. Research became an important tool in striving for that depth in the creation of lessons and materials for my students.  Creating for my students also led to writing for other classroom teachers.

As a writer, my focus is on thoroughly researching and writing, be it for teachers or students, in a robust, fluid, and interesting manner.  Having written on strategies and lessons for teachers as well lessons to accompany textbooks, my work has also included books for young readers on a variety of topics in history, geography, science, and biography.

Michael Yell is a creative author who has written over 30 biographical and historical books for Blake eLearning, He enthusiastically researches his subject to ensure the facts are both accurate and enlightening. Michael’s writing style is energetic, inquisitive, and educational. His enthusiasm for learning is contagious!

Alysha Hodge

Managing Editor, Blake eLearning, Leichhardt, New South Wales, Australia